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The first free loan
The amount of the first free loan PLN 100 – 6,000
Free loan condition Repayment within 65 days
Another loan PLN 100 – 10,000
Repayment Time 1 – 65 days
Payment To the applicant’s bank account
Verification Transfer to the account in the amount of PLN 0.10 or Blue Cash verification fee in the amount of PLN 1
Loan refinancing for 7 days
for 14 days for 30 days
Checking in BIK BIK and KRD databases are verified. Customers who are included in the list of debtors cannot receive a loan
The most important advantage Loan refinancing option
The most important disadvantage It is not possible to receive a loan for clients entered in the list of debtors

Submit an application in Quick Money

Submit an application in Fast Cash

payday rankings.

It is worth noting that in Quick Money, not only the first loan is free. Every fifth payday is connected with the lack of costs, which means that we give back exactly the amount that was credited to our account. Such an offer should not be missed. In addition, regular customers can participate in the affiliate program and receive an attractive bonus for another loan for recommending the company to friends. businesskolusev.com has more details

Payday expenses in Quick Money – APRC, commission, preparation fee

Payday expenses in Fast Cash - APRC, commission, preparation fee

Quick Money guarantees the first loan for free. Also, every fifth payday fee allows you to forget about the costs! The lender values ​​regular customers and prepares attractive bonuses for them.


0 percent (promotion first and every fifth loan for free)
369 percent if the standard repayment terms apply
APRC amount depends on the loan amount and period

Service Expense
  • PLN 0 (promotion one and one in five loans for free)
  • 10 percent per year if standard repayment terms apply
  • the amount of commission depends on the amount and period of the loan
Verification transfer
  • 0.10 PLN in the case of a bank transfer
  • PLN 1 for the Blue Cash verification fee (refundable)
Preparation fee lack
  • PLN 0 (promotion one and one in five loans for free)
  • calculated at an annual interest rate on the amount to be paid. Their amount is specified in the table of fees
Fixed interest rate
  • PLN 0 (promotion one and one in five loans for free)
  • or variable 10% per year
  • 11 percent for a refinancing loan for a period of 7 days
  • 17% for a 14-day refinancing loan
  • 27.5 percent for a refinancing loan for a period of 30 days

A representative example of a loan granted by the Quick Money loan institution is as follows: For an example of another loan of PLN 7,000.00 for a period of 5 days, the APRC is – 222,602%, the interest rate is 10% per year, the commission is PLN 770.00. The total amount to be paid is PLN 7,779.60.